Array ( [id] => 5453e21fe1d62 [key] => 123 [from] => [subjects] => Re: Vacancy for %cell1%! Re: Manager position for %cell1%! Re: Best vacancy for %cell1%! Re: Message for %cell1%! [message] => (Hello %cell1%|Hi %cell1%|Good day %cell1%|Good afternoon %cell1%)! We (want|would like) you to (take a look at|look through|review)the job offer (described|located|written) below. Courier Delivery Worldwide inc company has recently (reviewed|looked over|got acquainted with) the (resume|CV|curriculum vitae) that you (posted|placed|shared) (on the internet|one the web|online) and (would like|wants) to offer you a (position|free vacancy) as a (courier|delivery) clerk department (employee|member). Courier Delivery Worldwide inc company was (established|created|set) in 2006 as a result of the merger of (several|couple|different) commercial postal (services|enterprises)in Lithuania. Our current business (model|sphere|plan) (works|co-operates|operates) with (plenty of |a lot of|many) European (customers|clients) to (facilitate|execute|organize) the ordering, (purchase|buying|paying) and (transfer|deliver|destination) of (products|goods|merchandise) (purchased|bought|ordered) directly from the (North American|United States) (market|stores) to (their door|them|their locations). Our (company|corporation|organization|enterprise) approach (primarily|by default) (targets|aims) the retail (market|sphere|field). The duties of your (position|vacancy) are (reserved|offered|considered) (specifically|strictly|only) for residents of the (United States|US). As a '(courier|delivery|shipping) (employee|clerk)' your duties will (include|consist of): (tracking|following), (receiving|getting|accepting), (combining|putting together), (consolidating|accumulating) and (sending|shipping|transferring) (products|goods|merchandise) (ordered|purchased|bought) from (major|big|general) (US|United States) (online|internet|web) (stores|shops|firms) (overseas|to Europe) to the corporate (headquarters|branches) and secondary office (locations|facilities). The (vacancy|position|job) does not (require|ask|demand) (visiting|going to|attending) any (kind|type) of office work (places|locations) and can be (primarily|mostly|generally|majorly) (done|performed) from your home and the (nearest|closest|local) post office. Our (company|enterprise|organization) (provides|gives) all the (needed|required|necessary) (materials|equipment) and (instructions|detailed directions) for (performing|doing|executing) the job, a clear (work|job) (contract|agreement) (with other (documents|paperwork) and (a lot of|many|plenty of) (benefits|bonuses). We (require|demand|ask for) no (investments|out of pocket expenses|start up costs) from our (workers|employees). (Items|Products|Merchandise) that our (clients|customers) (order|purchase|buy) are (primarily|mostly|generally|majorly) (modern|popular) electronics such as Apple (products|gadgets|devices), (other|different|various) (computers|laptops) and (similar|other) electronics, so there is nothing (heavy|big) or (bulky|too large) (involved|being shipped) (and no need for a (big storage|warehouse|large roomed) place. We (offer|provide|give) a $1,800 monthly stable and base (salary|wage) with an (added|extra|addition) bonus (paid|given|provided) for (each|every) task (performed|accomplished|done) on time. There is a (possibility|very good chance) of higher (wages|salary) and (prosperous|growing|expanding) careers for our most (hard working|reliable|successful) (workers|employees|team members). Our requirements: - (Eighteen|18) years minimum age - (Maintaining|having|owning) a (functional|working) street address - (Being able|ability|possibility) to (work|surf|operate) comfortably on the (web|internet) and with a printer - (Having|Owning) a working (telephone|phone) number and (willingness|possible chance) to add (extensions|other|several) or additional numbers) Courier Delivery Worldwide inc company is (happy|glad) to (present|show) you this official invitation (letter|message). We (purposely|strictly|certainly) (avoid|do not include) any (attachments|add-ons) or links to (keep|maintain) (internet|web|online) security at the (highest|the best) (level|point). We (are looking forward|will be happy|are willing) to hear back from you! [mails] =>|Mary Schorgl|US-MO-Independence-64050 (Not Specified)|816-797-5125|Antone P. Hicks|US-MD-Baltimore-21216 (US Citizen)|443-415-7019|Erica Jackson|US-MO-Saint Louis-63115 (US Citizen)|314-703-9801|Rodney Jones|US-MD-Fort Washington-20744 (Not Specified)|301-292-1483|Candace Stigger|US-MO-Kansas City-64132 (US Citizen)|8165221242|Dorothy Roundtree|US-MD-Elkridge-21075 (Not Specified)|443-668-0745 ) Page not found ٥

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